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At Callahan Eye Clinic, we offer both medical Botox® treatments for facial spasms as well as cosmetic Botox® injections. Botox® is a temporary, but very effective solution to managing blepharospasms and hemifacial spasms that can cause debilitating symptoms to those affected.

What is a Blepharospasm?

Blepharospasms occur when someone’s eyes involuntarily close on their own. Early symptoms of blepharospasms include increased blinking or squinting of the eyes. As the condition progresses, eyelid spasms become more frequent and the eyelids may force shut.

What causes Blepharospasms?

Blepharospasms have no known cause. There is a higher incidence of blepharospasms in women and in people over the age of 40.   

What is the treatment for Blepharospasms?

Botulinum toxin injections (Botox®) are used to treat blepharospasms. Small amounts of Botox® are injected into the muscles around the eyes. The injections weaken the muscles, preventing the spasms that force the eyes involuntarily shut. The effect of these injections wears off in a few months and needs to be repeated to prevent the spasms.


Cosmetic Botox®


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In addition to medical Botox® treatment, Callahan Eye Clinic also provides Botox® treatment for cosmetic use. Dr. Michael Callahan is experienced in Botox® injections to the forehead, glabella area, crow’s feet, and around the mouth.


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