Dry Eyes

Dry eyes

At Callahan Eye Clinic, we’re capable of providing the comprehensive eye care necessary to give you better vision and make your eyes healthier. Our high-quality eye treatments are capable of remedying a number of detrimental eye conditions, one of these being dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition that affects millions of Americans per year. However, it’s not something that you need to suffer through. By visiting our Birmingham, AL eye doctors, we’ll be able to provide our efficient treatments in order to limit or eliminate this problem.

Treatments for Dry Eyes

If you have dry eyes or dry eye syndrome, there are many ways that we can treat it. Depending on the severity and the persistence of the condition, the treatment we recommend will likely differ. Some of the examples of the treatments that we can provide for a patient with dry eyes include the following:

  • Artificial Tears – These are over-the-counter drops that are used to lubricate your eyes. This is the best option for those who have a milder case of dry eyes. Mild cases of dry eyes may be caused by staring at the computer screen for too long or just simply reading. There are many different formulations of artificial tears that you can purchase over-the counter; we can help recommend which ones would be the best for your situation.
  • Restasis – This is a prescription eye drop that will lubricate your eyes. Unlike artificial tears, Restasis needs a prescription from your doctor. Restasis will do more than just lubricate your eyes; it will reduce inflammation associated with dry eyes and help your body produce more natural tears. The effects of Restasis are not immediate so these are best for dry eye syndrome and other long-term dry eye conditions. You’ll need to use them daily for 90 days to experience the full effects.
  • Xiidra – Xiidra is another type of prescription eye drop that’s used to combat dry eye syndrome. Like Restasis, Xiidra will reduce the inflammation that’s associated with dry eyes and boost the production of natural tears. Xiidra is a safe and efficient treatment that’s best used for those suffering from long-term dry eyes. Xiidra should be used twice a day. After using it for at least six weeks, there should be a noticeable decrease in your dry eyes.
  • Lipiflow – This is an in-office dry eye treatment that combines Meibomian gland expression and warm compress therapy to reduce dry eye syndrome and correct the balance of oils in the tear film. For this to work, a device will be placed on the eye to apply precisely controlled heat to the eyelids. This will help open clogged Meibomian glands and restore the correct balance of oils in the tear film. It’s a quick treatment that only takes about 12 minutes per eye. The benefits of this treatment typically last around one to three years.
  • Punctual Plugs – A punctual plug is a small, sterile device that’s inserted into one of the openings of the tear drainage ducts. These ducts are located in the inner corners of both the upper and lower eyelids. After the openings have been plugged, tears won’t be able to drain away from the eye. This allows the tear film to stay intact longer and relieve any dry eye symptoms.

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