Digital Eye Strain

Ophthalmology Treatments for Digital Eye Strain in Birmingham, AL

At the Callahan Eye Clinic, we believe everyone deserves beautiful, crystal clear vision – and we're committed to helping our patients achieve it through quality eye care. As a leading ophthalmologist serving the Birmingham area, we're proud to treat patients of all ages for a wide range of conditions, and we strive to make eye treatments as easy as possible for your lifestyle. While we offer treatments for a number of chronic and hereditary conditions like glaucoma and cataracts, we can also offer preventive care and treatment for conditions like digital eye strain.

What Is Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is a relatively recent development in eye care, but it'sGettyImages-593328430 quickly becoming one of the most common eye conditions in the world. Digital eye strain, which refers to eye strain, fatigue, and vision problems caused by using a computer, phone, television, or any other screen, now affects upwards of one-third of Americans. Digital eye strain can occur when screens are used for more than 2 hours at a time, and the vast majority of Americans use screens far in excess of 2 hours per day. Left untreated, digital eye strain can cause a wide range of effects, including:

  • Dry eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Headache
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Blurred vision

Treatments for Digital Eye Strain

Thankfully, we can offer preventive and rehabilitative treatments for those suffering from digital eye strains. At our office, we can create custom eyewear for you with a digital strain-reducing lens, filtering out harsh light frequencies to protect your eyes from damage. Furthermore, digital eye strain can be exacerbated by existing vision problems – so if you have even minor issues with your vision, corrective lenses can help minimize the risk of digital eye strain. Finally, we can discuss measures and strategies you can use on your own to reduce eye strain and keep your vision healthy for a lifetime.

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Digital eye strain is quickly becoming the most common eye problem in the US, and at the Callahan Eye Clinic, we're here to help you prevent it. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your vision through quality eye treatments. We can't wait to hear from you!