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PROMOTION: Say Bii To Dry Eyes!
Posted on 03/08/2017

PROMOTION: Say Bii To Dry Eyes!

PROMOTION_ Say Bii To Dry Eyes!1                                 PROMOTION_ Say Bii To Dry Eyes! 



Callahan Eye Clinic in Birmingham is committed to helping our patients see their full potential. Every winter, we hear our patients suffer more than usual from Dry Eye Syndrome. This is likely due to the fact that being indoors with heat increases the likelihood of your eyes drying out. Last month we discussed some Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms and effective treatment methods in a Dry Eyes Blog. This month, we’ve decided to band together with some of our eye drop partners and offer a free Dry Eye Treatment Bag for anyone who comes in for an appointment and mentions this blog!

Dry Eye Treatments

What’s included in this promotion? After coming in for your appointment and mentioning this promotion, you’ll receive a treatment bag complete with the following:

  • Refresh Optive (eye drops)

  • Refresh Liquigel (eye lubricant)

  • Systane Ultra (eye lubricant)

  • Occusoft Lid Scrubs (eye cleansing pads)

  • Xiidra Pocket Mirror

  • Xiidra Bag

These items will be sure to get you through Winter comfortably and begin to treat your dry eye symptoms.

Who Would This Promotion Benefit?

Dry eyes is a common problem, but many go by without it being properly diagnosed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. This can lead to more severe problems and strain eyesight, which can have debilitating long-term effects. We encourage anyone to schedule an appointment with Callahan Eye Clinic as soon as possible who has experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • Itchy eyes

  • Red eyes

  • A burning sensation in your eyes

  • Fatigue in your eyes

  • Blurred vision

  • Sensitivity to light

  • A feeling that you have something stuck in your eyes   


Treatment will vary from person to person, as will be discussed your eye exam visit, but our promotional giveaway bag is filled with many items anyone can benefit from!

Contact Callahan Eye Clinic Today!

Callahan Eye Clinic is committed to ensuring every patient sees their full potential. Schedule your eye exam online, or call us at 205-933-6888 today! If you mention this blog then you’ll receive the free promotional giveaway bag. This promotion is limited while supplies last—call soon! We look forward to helping you see your best!