How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam
Posted on 04/27/2018
GettyImages-899606206You deserve healthy, crystal-clear vision your whole lifelong – and the only way to get it is through properly caring for your eyes. Regular eye exams are a necessary part of protecting your vision. At Callahan Eye Clinic, we strive to help our patients maintain great vision for a lifetime, so we're here to answer one of the most common questions about eye care: how often should I get an eye exam?

When Should I Get an Eye Exam?

The ideal frequency of eye exams depends on your own specific medical history, eye health, and other indicating factors. Maintaining these regular exams will help your Birmingham eye doctor track any changes in your vision and spot problems before they get serious, allowing for preventive treatment and protecting your vision over a lifetime.

Healthy children should have their very first eye exam at just 6 months of age to check for normal eye development and identify any issues. Then, they should have an exam at age three, at the start of school, and every two years thereafter until turning 18. These exams help to check for healthy eye development and ensure that a child has the facility to excel in school.

For adults age 18 to 61, the normal frequency for preventive eye exams is once every two years. After age 61, adults should receive an eye exam on an annual basis. These regular, comprehensive screenings can track vision changes, identify eye conditions before they get serious, and help protect vision for a lifetime.

However, for both children and adults, the ideal frequency may be higher if risk factors are present. Individuals with a strong family history of eye disease, high blood pressure, or a job that's demanding on the eyes may need to receive exams more often. You should talk with your eye doctor about how frequently you should get eye exams based on your own personal health.

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