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Eyeglasses vs. Contacts
Posted on 09/19/2017

Eyeglasses vs. Contacts

As your Birmingham, AL optometrists and ophthalmologists, one of the most common questionspasted image 0we at Callahan Eye Clinic get from our patients is whether to go with eyeglasses or contacts for their daily lives. Truthfully, there’s no real answer to this question. Each choice has its own features that can make it optimal for one person, while unsuitable for the next person. In order to help make your decision easier, we’d like to give you a quick list of some of the pros and cons for choosing each one.



  • Eyeglasses can provide better vision.

  • If you have large amounts of astigmatism, eyeglasses can make your vision clearer.

  • If you have dry eyes, glasses will prove to be more comfortable.

  • It’s a more cost-effective choice.

  • Glasses are more convenient as you won’t need to spend extra time putting them in and taking them out like you do with contacts.

  • Some people may even find that eyeglasses are more cosmetically pleasing and that they can provide a stylish look. Also, if you have bags underneath your eyes, glasses can hide them.


  • Eyeglasses may not be as effective of an option for sports as they can sometimes fall off or get knocked around.

  • Because your eyesight is only improved through the parts of your vision where the glasses are covering, you won’t have as wide of a field of clear vision.

  • In cold or hot weather or areas, your glasses may steam up.



  • If you’re going to play sports, wearing contacts is the optimal choice. Modern contacts will actually stay in your eyes much better than contacts of the past.

  • Contacts won’t steam up if you’re going into hot or cold areas.

  • You get a larger field of view with contact lenses.

  • Most people with high prescriptions prefer their vision with contact lenses.

  • It’s easier to put on sunglasses when you’re wearing contacts as opposed to glasses.

  • They can provide a cosmetic appeal.


  • Contacts can be more uncomfortable if you have very dry eyes.

  • If you have a high amount of astigmatism, you may not get as sharp of vision.

  • Over time, contacts will likely be an extra expense for most patients. In addition to the contacts, you’ll need to purchase solution as well. Most patients will also still need to have a pair of eyeglasses for the times when his or her contacts aren’t in.

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