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Signs That Your Child May Need an Eye Exam
Posted on 08/03/2016

Signs That Your Child May Need an Eye Exam

At Callahan Eye Clinic, we’re dedicated to delivering the best in ophthalmology in and around the Birmingham, AL area. That means not only offering efficient and cost-effective treatments for eye conditions, but also providing a friendly environment that’s perfect for the children of the family as well. It’s important to bring your children in for an eye exam, but it’s not uncommon for many parents to have a difficult time telling when that should be. Having said that, we’d like to help you out by alerting you to several signs that show that your child may be in need of a visit to the Callahan Eye Clinic.


Squinting is the most common sign that your child should come in for an eye exam. While squinting and straining your eyes does not lead to any long-term damage, it’s still an indication that your child may be in need of glasses or contacts.


While most don’t usually associate headaches with eye problems, this can sometimes signal that your child may need to get an eye exam. Excessive straining of one’s eyes can lead to headaches. If your child has been getting headaches, we recommend coming in for an appointment to see if eye strain is the cause.

Getting Too Close to the TV

When your child gets too close to the TV, that means that your child is having a hard time seeing at a distance. It’s beneficial to bring your child in and see if he or she may be in need of glasses.

Holding a Book too Close

Much like getting too close to the TV, holding a book too close generally also means that your child’s vision isn’t as strong as it could be. There may also be a problem if your child is holding a book too far away as well.

Itchy or Watery Eyes

If your child has eyes that are red, itchy, watery, or crusty, it’s usually a good time to come in for a checkup and have us see what’s wrong. Itchy and watery eyes can sometimes be the sign of an allergy. Crusty eyes are generally an indication of pink eye or a bacterial infection. Red eyes can be a variety of things, including allergies or lack of sleep.

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